Architecture, property and real estate deserves to be photographed well. With the huge increases in prices and engineering capabilities that we’ve enjoyed over the past few decades, it makes sense to match this with high value, contemporary photography.

Internationally acclaimed photographer Ben Evans and team work with you to best convey the design intentions and feeling of the building, project or complex.

Based in Hampshire and available internationally, most commissions are for property & architectural photography around London, Surrey, Wiltshire, Hampshire and Berkshire. 

We can bring in models and create narratives to tell engaging stories to sell the space to customers for years to come.

Working with advanced high-end dSLRs and multiple-image stitching techniques provides you with ultra high quality files that you can feel comfortable printing up to billboard size. 

We are also able to create 360 degree panoramas, videos, and immersive VR walkthroughs using the latest techniques for a truly immersive view for your clients. 

Get a quote by emailing or telephoning/Whatsapping Ben at 07513 059 720

You will be surprised by how good the photographs will look with a professional, artistic perspective.