We Now Have 1000+ Photographers!

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We now have 1000+ photographers in our Barcelona Photography Meetup group - making us the largest English-speaking community of photography in Southern Europe!Join us at www.Meetup.com/BarcelonaPhotography ! Thanks to Hiroshi from www.HiromiTorres.com for the videos!

Photography: Craft and Art

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Photography is both a Craft and an Art. It has its genesis in chemistry laboratories and the private sheds of curious alchemists who sought to preserve the passing moment. It’s now caught up with Instagram on iPhones and hipsters with Lomo ‘cameras’; image trumps technique. As ever, the successful marriage meets halfway between craft and art. Most new photographers believe …

The Four Keys Method

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The Four Keys SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)  A professional photographer has to be consistent; he can’t have ‘off days’. To make sure that I am always able to create interesting photographs, I’ve developed the Four Keys Method for better photography. Preserve the Scene – Photograph the whole scene as though capturing a record that will later be drawn. Focus on Details – Photograph …