Recommended Gear

I’m often asked my students what camera to get. The reality is that almost all modern equipment is excellent and more than enough to make great content. Even a phone can do a lot! More important by far is what you photograph, and how. That said, here’re my current photography gear recommendations (Q1 2021). 


Panasonic S1 – Jack of all trades. You can hire the S1h for video or the S1R for photography

Sony A7iii – Professional tool. Great all-rounder. Hard to go wrong with this camera

Panasonic GH5 – The best value video classic

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K – Cheap but beautiful cinematic video

Pentax K1 – The best image quality for the price in a weatherproof body with built in stabilisation


50mm f1.8 – For Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax etc; all compact, sharp, large aperture, great value prime lenses

24-105mm – Or the equivalent lens. More versatile than the 24-70mm for a one lens kit

Lighting Gear

Godox AD200 Pro – Excellent compact flash with an interchangeable fresnel/ bare-bulb head, high speed sync and a great battery

Godox AD600 – Cheaper because of the Pro version, still ideal for the majority of flash photography and can be doubled up with a remote head for 1200Ws

Briese & Broncolor – With the Focus/ Para reflectors or Mola Demi beauty dish. 

California Sunbounce – Beats a normal reflector when you want specular light


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