Here is the best value photography gear I know about in 2018…


Nikon D850 – Not cheap but there’s nothing that can completely match it

Nikon D600 – Had a slight dust issue and was replaced by the D610. Bargain full frame camera

Pentax K1 – The best image quality for the price in a weatherproof body with built in stablisation


50mm f1.8 – For Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax etc; all compact, sharp, large aperture, great value prime lenses

Nikon 180mm – One of my favourite lenses. Beautiful rendering, more compact than the 70-200mm

Nikon 85mm f1.8G – I have the f1.4 but the f1.8 is much better value

Lighting Gear

Godox AD200 – Excellent compact flash with an interchangeable fresnel/ bare-bulb head, high speed sync and a great battery

Godox AD600 – Cheaper because of the Pro version, still ideal for the majority of flash photography and can be doubled up with a remote head for 1200Ws


Feisol 3442 – Not cheap but lightweight and built to last


Thinkpad P50 Laptop – Better than everything from Apple but heavier and less refined