There’s still opportunity to invest in Holistic Photography Coaching this year. Bespoke packages can be created to improve any level of photographic experience. Clients include VIPs and HNW individuals worldwide; discretion guaranteed. Extended coaching on expeditions etc. is possible, availability allowing. Private one-on-one tuition preferable but small groups are fine.

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The Holistic Photography syllabus:

Idea -Why take a photograph? To Preserve, or to Express.
Light – How to see it, control it, and capture it creatively.
Composition – Visual aesthetics and use of symbols and metaphor.
Timing – Identifying the decisive moment and its duration.

The Ins and Outs:

Ins – Camera and lens choice informed by personal photographic style and use of photographic accessories.
Outs – Fine-Art printing and exhibition and on-screen optimisation.

All expenses at cost; satisfaction assured and guaranteed.

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