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  • The Un-Holi Color Festival

    ‘April is the cruellest month, breeding lilacs out of the dead land, mixing memory and desire, stirring dull roots with spring rain’  TS Eliot’s Wasteland Fun and love – those cynical marketing buzzwords. Where they appear, so too does the profit-fed machine, huffing up dreams into a miasma of purple haze.  Those engulfed are happy, and […]

  • How To Sell 1 Photo For $35,000+ Online

    Want to make money as a travel photographer? Wondering how to sell your photos, maybe to advertising agencies and huge multinational clients? Every photographer wanting to make some money from their camera ought to take an introductory class to economics, not least to really hammer in the rule of supply and demand. Selling stock photographs […]

  • Photography: Craft and Art

    [x_video_embed no_container=”true”][/x_video_embed] Photography is both a Craft and an Art. It has its genesis in chemistry laboratories and the private sheds of curious alchemists who sought to preserve the passing moment. It’s now caught up with Instagram on iPhones and hipsters with Lomo ‘cameras’; image trumps technique. As ever, the successful marriage meets halfway between […]

  • The Four Keys Method

    [x_video_embed no_container=”true”][/x_video_embed] The Four Keys SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)  A professional photographer has to be consistent; he can’t have ‘off days’. To make sure that I am always able to create interesting photographs, I’ve developed the Four Keys Method for better photography. Preserve the Scene – Photograph the whole scene as though capturing a record that will […]

  • Benefit From How You See The World

    My latest article introduces a link I recently made between the psychology of the Recticular Activating System (RAS) and the artistic ‘eye’. It turns out that most of what our eyes see never makes it to our conscious awareness; it is filtered out by the RAS. This happens in three ways; Generalising: Because the world is […]

  • Focal Length – Why your Zoom lens isn’t just to ‘Spy on Things’ or ‘Get More In’.

    Most cameras now come with a zoom lens. This gives the photographer the ability to smoothly change the focal length. But this doesn’t just change the framing, it alters the perception. Wide-angle lenses typically magnify the foreground and shrink the background. This increases the apparent depth of an image. They also distort images and can […]

  • When the Camera Does Matter

    I hear a lot of photographers talking first about how many megapixels their camera has, and the length of their lens. When this loses its attraction, they start talking about how the camera doesn’t matter. They’ll resort to using a single dSLR or rangefinder and one prime lens, charmed by its limitations. What’s the truth? […]

  • Instagram was bought by Facebook for a Billion Dollars

    Well that’s not strictly true; a lot of the value is in Facebook’s stock, and can’t be realised for years. But nonetheless, an incredible amount has been spent on a two-year-old (photography? mobile app?) company that has less than twenty staff. Meanwhile, Kodak, maker of Tri-X and Kodachrome films and apparently inventor of the digital […]

  • Bilderberg Group – Conspiracy of Boredom

    This year’s Bilderberg Group Summer Camp, held in idyllic Switzerland, has come to an end. It’s a shame that their discussions are secret and still largely unreported. As any simple comparison of viewing figures for Youtube videos of pop stars and silly dogs vs. geo-politics and philosophy will tell you; hardly anyone cares. And those […]

  • Superstition; or Why We Must Not be Pigeons

    A psychological study (Skinner ’48) showed that pigeons developed superstitions when food was released to them at random intervals. They ended up perfoming any number of actions that they were doing when the food was released in the belief that they had some sort of control over the process. Tellingly, it took a lot more […]