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When the Camera Does Matter

I hear a lot of photographers talking first about how many megapixels their camera has, and the length of their lens.

When this loses its attraction, they start talking about how the camera doesn’t matter. They’ll resort to using a single dSLR or rangefinder and one prime lens, charmed by its limitations.

English Photographer Composition Photo_Palm_Trees_Monochrome_
This Could Have Been Taken With an iPhone 5 Camera; But It Wasn’t

What’s the truth? Well, let’s use use that old chestnut, the Hegelian/Kantian dialectic;

Thesis – The better (more features, more money) the camera, the better the photographs/ photographer

Anti-Thesis – The camera doesn’t say anything about the photographer or photographs, it doesn’t matter

Synthesis – The photographer’s eye is all-important; the camera is a tool, but great tools help get great photographs

Check out a few examples of when the camera matters on Steve Huff’s website.


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