Film is Cool

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Notice anything strange about these 2012 shop-window advertisments from Clarks, the shoe shop? They’ve used the 120 Medium format 6*6cm square. However, the film border is the same for all of the photos, so apparently every picture was frame 6 on the roll of 12! Amusingly, ‘TMX’ is Kodak’s code for their T-Max film; which is black and white. (Analogue) …

Art: Evolution of Understanding

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I recently visited a museum in Barcelona that covered ancient Art and wanted to share this excellent quotation from Octavio Paz (Peace) that I came across. Art survives the societies in which it is created. It is the visible tip of the submerged iceberg that represents every civilisation. It is often said that understanding is an illusion; that what we …

Sahara Desert, Africa

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Back to running photography courses in Barcelona after photographing the Sahara Desert. Remarkable experience. Some photographs; I stayed at the amazing Nomad Palace on the edge of the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert with this chap; And had tea with a nomad family in the middle of the desert.

The Best Photograph I Have Ever Taken

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Photographers generally get quite coy about their favourite photograph. They think of their photos as children, and cannot determine or even suggest a preference. A photographer is good if he or she can take good photographs; not based on what they’ve already taken before. That’s why I spend all of my time researching, learning and practicing my skill and art. …

Instagram was bought by Facebook for a Billion Dollars

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Well that’s not strictly true; a lot of the value is in Facebook’s stock, and can’t be realised for years. But nonetheless, an incredible amount has been spent on a two-year-old (photography? mobile app?) company that has less than twenty staff. Meanwhile, Kodak, maker of Tri-X and Kodachrome films and apparently inventor of the digital camera is going bankrupt. This …

Review: iPad for Photography

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Remember when the iPod first came out? Suddenly .mp3 players were worth considering. I jumped into the Apple pond with the iPod touch and wondered why I’d waited so long. Email, a mini-portfolio and web-browsing on the go and a massive selection of free art photography podcasts and tutorials? Yes please. It’s taken me three iterations of the iPad to …

Bilderberg Group – Conspiracy of Boredom

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This year’s Bilderberg Group Summer Camp, held in idyllic Switzerland, has come to an end. It’s a shame that their discussions are secret and still largely unreported. As any simple comparison of viewing figures for Youtube videos of pop stars and silly dogs vs. geo-politics and philosophy will tell you; hardly anyone cares. And those who do, probably can’t do …

Hephaestus – Catalan Blacksmith, Barcelona

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One of the oldest Catalan blacksmiths working in Barcelona, and the only chap with an open forge. This craftsman had learned from his father and practiced all his life. Apparently to master something, it’s necessary to do it for 10,000 hours. In our culture, with the peaks of the mountains talent has built available online, do we appreciate true craftsmanship …